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Is it a TWIST-OFF?    Is it a SPIN-OFF?    No, it's a RIP-OFF!

According to the italian Office for the patents and trade marks data base, it appears that since Fabrizio Tamburini and his partners have come up with their fantasy about twisted radio waves, a number of individuals, in Italy, have turned scientists or science application entrepreneurs overnight!

It's amazing what you can find by simply running a text search on the said data base.
Looking for any document containing the words "momento orbitale angolare" on we have actually found 5 results, so far, as shown HERE and there's been no shortfall of surprises: (NB: the 3rd. result is not relevant as it relates to an optical device only)

On May the 21st. 2012, an italian limited liability Company, namely "Navis S.r.l.", which on the - italian public registry of businesses and on the Internet ( - appears as to be running a totally unrelated kind of business (they, apparently, are into civilian property development) has applied for an industrial invention patent on the very same Tamburini's Team own fantasy, as shown HERE . A worthless attempt of exploiting the drunk-fotons' Team previous application lack of proper description and claims. Needless to say that none of them are entitle to be granted a patent, as their fantasy is not capable of industrial application. Dreams, infact, are not patentable.

On July the 1st. 2013, people from the previously mentioned estate agency " Navis S.r.l." have made a comeback with an application to get a patent granted for what they describe as a: "system for generation and management of orbital angular momentum in an electromagnetic radiation by means of special lenses". Sounds like they are trying to get a patent for what Romanato had already disclosed while talking about his own involvement and his purposefully built diffractive optical elements. Again, voiding any chance of getting his own D.O.E. patented.

On April the 17th. 2014, The RAI, Radio Televisione Italiana S.p.a. has joined in the club, filing a patents on her own, naming ASSUNTA DE VITA and BRUNO SACCO as the inventors of a: "sistema per la trasmissione e la ricezione di segnali aventi modi elettromagnetici con momento angolare orbitale, e relativi dispositivo e metodo" . Basically the same thing as the previous rubbish, all the way through!

However, nothing compares to the twist and turns of our beloved drunk-photon's Team turned criminal!


NEW! Here's a silent aknowledgment by the self-proclaimed inventors of their own fiasco!

Filippo Romanato along with Fabrizio Tamburini, Bo Thidé and Cesare Barbieri are the named "inventors" of a "method and system of telecommunications for the broadcasting transmission and reception of electromagnetic signals", as claimed in an application for an industrial patent filed by the University of Padua at the italian patent office, on June the 24th. 2011. However, on June the 25th. 2012, the team has applied to the italian office for the patents and trade marks, in order to withdraw their own patent application!
Copy of the full official records is available

Proof of the application to get their patent application cancelled bu the UIBM

Unfortunately, their almighty failure has already caused a great deal of damages to the reputation of both the University of Padua in Italy and the Swedish Institute of Space Physics in Uppsala and we sincerely hope that this kind of people will soon get strike off for good!

Latest twist plot by the drunk-photons's team

Astonishingly, on June the 21th. 2012, just a few days earlier, the drunk-photons' Team had already gone ahead with filing a PCT international application for what they now describe as: "A TELECOMMUNICATION METHOD AND APPARATUS EXPLOITING THE TRANSMISSION AND RECEPTION OF ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES", mantaining their claim on their filing priority date based on the very same italian patent application they were about to give up! (Obviously, not realizing all the legal implications of that move with regard to the conditions of patentability, although, in our humble opinion, they had already lost the right to patent owing to their earlier public disclosure of the "novel", should they ever had stand a chance to get anything patented at all.)

It comes to our attention the fact that they no longer claim that their "invention" relies on a physical phenomenon they also claimed have "discovered", but have now started talking about encoding and decoding systems.

We must remark how Bo Y. Thidè, untill short ago (March the 23rd. 2014), most noticeably, mantained that:   "MIMO requires massive, time and energy consuming digital post-processing, OAM requires almost none digital post-processing"

A back up screen shot of that is available HERE.

So, what's behind that silly move?

Here's proof of the latest plot twist made by the drunk-photons' Team, we have just uncovered.

Twist-off or just a Rip-off

On April the 19th. 2013, comes the plot twist by the drunk-photons' Team!
Fabrizio Tamburini e Filippo Romanato are at it again!
The unrepentant Duo has filed
a new application for a patent at the U.I.B.M. claiming, this time round, to have deviced a "metodo per la generazione di fasci di onde elettromagnetiche a RF o microonde e a momento angolare orbitale diverso da zero con distribuzione di intensita' concentrata in una regione angolare limitata". They have filed the new application under the trade name of a limited liability company, namely the "TWIST-OFF S.r.l.", and that's no joke! A clear attempt to withholding their own identity, so much so that they have even omitted to name the "inventors" in the said application.

The more we investigate, the more we think that, perhaps, "RIP-OFF" would have been a more suitable name for their company!

Proof of who's right behind the TWIST-OFF S.r.l. are readily available from said italian public registry of businesses and it's shown HERE . However, Fabrizio Tamburini and Filippo Romanato are not the only partners in the TWIST-OFF S.r.l. as we have found out.

TWIST-OFF S.r.l. is a tailor-made new juridical entity set up on June the 6th. 2012, to take advantage of the new tax rules in Italy for the "innovative start-up companies" and to be used as a smoke curtain for some interesting financial activities.

A spin-off or just a rip-off

Although, TWIST-OFF S.r.l. does not hold any patent as yet, it has been granted the status of "SPIN-OFF" by the University of Padua.

The document detailing the awarding of the spin-off status to TWIST-OFF S.r.l., issued by the University of Padua on March the 18th. 2013, bears many interesting informations.

First of all, it states all the partners' identities of TWIST-OFF S.r.l., being them:

Filippo Romanato - Universita' di Padova

1) Filippo Romanato, founder and Member of the board of Directors.
(Currently, Filippo Romanato is an associeted professor at the University of Padua, in Italy and previously employed as an associated professor at NTU, Nanyang technological Institute, Singapore.
Filippo Romanato is also the not so lucky "scientific director" of the LaNN, a research facility for the manufacturing of nanodevices bases on the nanolithography, within the VENETO NANOTECH S.C.P.A., a P.l.c. almost entirely financed with public money coming from the administration of the Regione Veneto.
VENETO NANOTECH has run into deep financial trouble soon after its own birth and is now set to shut down, leaving more than 7 million euros worth of debts!

Read the full article here:
A copy of the original article is available here: Veneto Nanotech al capolinea - VeneziePost

Fabrizio Tamburini - Universita' di Padova

2) Fabrizio Tamburini, chairman of the board of Directors;

Bo Y. Thidè -Swedish Institute of Space Physics in Uppsala

3) Bo Y. Thidè (from the Swedish Institute of Space Physics in Uppsala );

Carlo Giacomo Someda - University of Padua - Twist-off S.r.l.

4) Carlo Giacomo Someda (another chap who, on December the 21st. 2011, filed an application for an industrial patent in Italy, involving the orbital angular momenta, which was later withdrawn by him-self. On December the 17th. 2012, Carlo G. Someda went ahead with filing a PCT application . He, too, is claiming a filing priority date based on the very same application he previously withdrew! - Subsequently, he has transferred his ownership rights to TWIST-OFF S.r.l. , probably in change for his seat in the board of Directors and a share of the loot. Not a very good news for the Galilean Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts, previously known as the Accademia Patavina, heir of the Academy of the Ricovrati, constituted in Padua on November the 25th. 1599. Carlo G. Someda is, infact, its latest president and this story is bound to bring it into disrepute);

5) Paolo Rech (from C.I.Ven. , just another money wasting organization that has gone bust! CI.VEN. stands for "Coordinamento Interuniversitario Veneto" and it was an association established by the University of Padua, the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice and the University of Verona. It was entirely financed by the public administration of the Regione Veneto and it was meant to devoted it-self to the promotion of applied research and training activities in the field of nanotechnology);

6) Piero Schiavuta (from the same "C.I.Ven", as above);

SIAE Microelettronica S.p.A.

7) SIAE Microelettronica S.p.A. - Formely "Societa' Italiana Apparecchiature Elettroniche" ( - SIAE Microelettronica S.p.A., Via Panfilo Castaldi, n. 8, 20124 MILANO - Capitale sociale Euro 1.714.440,00 interamente versato - C.C.I.A.A. di Milano R.E.A. n. 513460 - Codice fiscale e partita I.V.A. n. 00779180157 - Also at: Via Michelangelo Buonarroti, n.0021 / n.0026 and Via Brunelleschi, n. 4 and Via Raffaello Sanzio, n.13 - 20093 COLOGNO MONZESE - Milano)

8) Universita' di Padova (in the person of its pro-tempore legal authorised representative, Roberto Filippini)

In the said document it is also stated that TWIST-OFF S.r.l. final business goal is the licensing of its own intellectual property. (which, as things stand, is equal to none!)

Reading on, the University of Padua claims intellectual property rights, as if having merely filed an application for a patent of (supposed) invention would give to it the full ownership rights on an intellectual property and not only the filing date priority right. Moreover, the University of Padua is claiming property right on
something it had already given up!

SIAE MICROELECTRONIC S.p.A. wasting its own shareholders money

According to the said papers, SIAE Microelettronica S.p.A. has got a 35% share in TWIST-OFF S.r.l having forked out some 558.241,76 Euro of its own shareholders' money, on top of supplying a measurements instrument, allegedly, worth some 90.000,00 Euro.

A 6.5% of the TWIST-OFF S.r.l. capital is now detained by the University of Padua by virtue of having granted the status of spin-off to TWIST-OFF S.r.l..

The University of Padua agrees to a transfer of ownership of what they call "patent" n.
PCT/EP2012/062004 del 21.06.2012 (while, as things stand it is a mere PCT application for a patent) in favour of the TWIST-OFF S.r.l., for the price of 11.500,00 Euro, which is the bare cost of the application it-self.

we're in the money!

TWIST-OFF S.r.l. of which Fabrizio Tamburini is a Member and the Chairman of the board of Directors, has established the registered office of the Company within the University of Padua own business incubator, namely the "Start Cube" (Via della Croce Rossa, 112, 35129 - Padova - V.A.T. reg. N.04687310286) and has commissioned research activities to the Physics and Astronomy department worth 75.000,00 Euro. Following that, an opportunity for a research fellow has arisen, which has been filled in by (guess what!) Fabrizio Tamburini, who has started working on March, the 1st. 2013.

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